Monday, December 13, 2004

No... more... latkes...

Ok, a word on complacency: shit.

Yes, I hit goal last Thursday. No, I don't intend to actively pursue additional weight loss (though I wouldn't mind another 1.2 so I could say I lost 50 pounds). However, I can't continue to eat soufganiot and latkes because I'm at goal! Complacency is my biggest danger right now, and wow- did it rear its ugly head this weekend. Thank G-d we have many Chanukah parties to go to, and thank G-d we have many amazing cooks as friends. Thank G-d for the gift of oil, but next year I may consider celebrating oil with a massage rather than with food!

Thank you to everyone who posted congratulations on my previous post. There are times I feel like I'm public- yet alone- and it's nice to see when people come out of the woodwork to celebrate together!


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